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The Darwin SYO is a synthetic and investable financial asset that is quoted in the Darwinex market and that replicates the trades that Sersan Sistemas does in its account.

We currently trade on our account with our APOLO and NEMESIS families of systems on Nasdaq and Gold. We continuously monitor our trading so that the Darwin SYO trades with the combination of our systems that allow the best risk/return ratio.

Mathematically, the monthly SYO returns published by Darwinex on its website have a very slightly negative correlation with the MSCI World index, which is an index representing World Equities. This means that SYO usually moves independently of it.

SYO and OYS have the same acronyms but in the opposite form and that is no coincidence. SYO searches for Alpha while OYS searches for Beta, but Smart Beta.

The monthly reports that we publish each month provide proof of this statement. (see latest report)

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