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The Darwin OYS is a synthetic and investable financial asset that is quoted in the Darwinex market and that replicates the trades that Sersan Sistemas does in its account.

The acronym OYS is the same as SYO but in reverse, and that is no coincidence.

OYS is a Darwin that invests only on the long side through ETFs, seeking exposure to equities. It is a Smart Beta of Equities.

Logically, mathematically, it has a positive correlation with the equity markets, although its objective is to improve the return/risk ratio of equities.

The OYS precursor account currently trades on the Mercurio family of systems. This family of systems trades primarily on QQQ or SPY and may occasionally trade on GLD or TLT. This allows them to benefit from strong market environments with decreasing volatility, just those in which SYO has difficulty standing out.

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