At Sersan Sistemas we develop strategies and operate them with real money in the financial markets.

We have track record!

The company was born in 2012 but its founder, Sergi Sánchez, has been doing the same since 2001. If you want to read our story click here.

How we operate

Sersan Sistemas is a Spanish FinTech, located in the WealthTech subarea. The words ‘Wealth’, for wealth or wealth, and ‘Tech’, for technology, come together to give rise to a new generation of fintech companies trying to create digital solutions to help transform the investment industry.

Technology has (r)evolved our lives and trading and investing have not been alien to this phenomenon. Algorithmic trading or algorithmic trading uses the scientific method (physics, mathematics, statistics …) and all available technology to obtain an advantage in the markets with which to obtain positive returns while keeping the risk as controlled as possible.

Two ways to trade

We currently operate two portfolios of systems that exploit different advantages, Sersan Alfa and Sersan Smart Beta RV. These data have been obtained with a VAR risk level 6.5% per month at 95% confidence.





Sersan Sistemas does not offer investment or trading advice, recommendations or advisory strategies with respect to any security, group of securities, market segment or market.

Every month we make a monthly report of these portfolios in which we review the progress of the month and provide data and analytical graphs. You can see the history of reports here.