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SYO is our Darwin!

Thanks to Darwinexyou can now trade our systems easily

Our Darwin SYO provides investors with the portfolio of our systems that we consider most appropriate in terms of return/risk. The portfolio will never have less than 2 systems.

Thanks to Darwinex we offer our systems to investors of all levels. Opening a live account at Darwinex you can invest in SYO from 200 EUR/USD/GBP The minimum balance for individuals must be EUR 500/USD/GBP.

SYO currently trades with our APOLO and NEMESIS systems families on Nasdaq and Gold, and more systems and assets will be included shortly. We continuously monitor SYO so that it trades with the combination of our systems that provide the best risk/return ratio.

If you are already a Darwinex customer, click on the image on the left and you will be able to go directly to the tab of our Darwin SYO and trade with it.

If you are not a Darwinex customer, open an account easily and you will be able to build your portfolio with traders from all over the world.

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